Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fresh Start: Welcome to My Rediscovery

A quarter of a century is a long time to spend at one place of employment. Apparently, hitting that mark was not quite on my agenda. A major turning point came when my patience was wearing thin and my sense of humor was becoming less of an asset. Suddenly my 30-year career in education and 24 at the same place ended one July afternoon.

What turns would lay ahead? That seemed to be my call. In a way, it was like winning the lottery. I now had time to read, write, explore, and meet new people--activities that would not have otherwise fit into my life. I began to focus on the events I’ve witnessed, as well as those I now had opportunities to attend.

I treasure the people I’ve met and the places I've been--from Chicago to Holguín and Providence to Jerusalem. As I began to catalog the more distinctive among them, it became clear that so many were things that few others have had an awareness of, let alone a chance to witness for themselves.

Ultimately, this blog is meant to reflect on the little highlights that can make a life worth living and to expose others to people worth knowing. The entries will be posted in no specific chronological order, beginning with a three-part series about a remarkable weekend in August.

I look forward to using details of my encounters to I bring others with me on my exciting, unpredictable, and ultimately rewarding journey!

Next up: "Welcome to the Music Business...You're F**ked!" (Part 1)...


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  2. Gregg, I admire you intrepid spirit in this. Chas